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Entrevista a Safe and Sound

Entre los primeros post de nuestro blog, compartimos el primer Ep de la banda Safe and Sound titulado The Tides, un Ep lleno de energia y con un estilo caracteristico del youthcrew, aprovechamos para comunicarnos con ellos y logramos hacerles una pequeña entrevista unas preguntas antes de su tour por Canada el proximo mes de Agosto. La entrevista esta muy buena, y nos cuentan un poco sobre los inicios de la banda, proyectos, nos hablan del straight edge en su ciudad, su punto de vista y de paso nos comentaron como pueden apoyarlos y comprarles su CD el que estara proximamente disponible en vinilo de 7¨

1- Can you talk about Safe and Sound, how the band start, where you guys meet each other?
Safe and Sound started in January 2012 when Billy (our original bassist) got together Jaxon (vocalist), Joe (original drummer), and I (Rusty, guitarist) to start a hardcore band. Billy, Joe, and I were friends and Billy knew Jaxon from tumblr. We started jamming and wrote four songs and released a demo at the end of January and played our first show in February. Billy quit in March and was replaced by my friend Mat on bass. In August, we added Joe's friend Jacob on rhythm guitar, and in November, Joe quit and Will played his first show as our drummer. 

2- Can you talk about The Tides Ep, how was the recording process?
The Tides was recorded by Phil Jones at The Dangler in Seattle in February of this year. We recorded everything track by track, starting with the drums and then the guitar, bass, vocals, and some lead parts last. The only major difficulty was deciding whether to record one instrument at a time or recording it live. All in all, it was streamlined and easy and we're proud of the effort and time we put into it. 

3- How this record can be obtain? 
The 7" will be available on our bigcartel (safeandsoundhc.bigcartel.com) once they're available. In the meantime, we have CDs for a dollar. Everyone can buy "The Tides" on iTunes, stream it on Spotify, or buy it athttp://lifetoliverecords.bandcamp.com/ ALSO pre-orders for our record can be found here: http://ltlrecs.storenvy.com/

4- Any plans to start recording  a new record?
Unfortunately, we've all been busy with individual concerns to start writing anything new, but we'd like to get together as soon as possible and start writing for a follow-up or split. Hopefully after our upcoming Canada tour!

5- How is the Hardcore and Straight Edge scene from your city?
Hardcore in the Northwest (British Columbia, Washington, Oregon) is in a pretty good spot right now. There's not an abundance of venues, but there's a lot of good bands and a lot of good newer bands. Each city has it's own vibe, but it's it all kind of intermingles. There's too many good current bands right now, so keep an eye (and an ear!) out for anything coming out of the Pacific Northwest. 

6- Where did you guys already tour? Can you mention some bands that you have been played with
Our first tour was a week in July 2013 in Western Canada (British Columbia, Alberta) with Cold Sleep, and bands to check out from that tour are Contention and The Chain. We then went down the coast to California for the first time in November, and then again with Singled Out in March 2014, and some bands from those tour worth checking out are Reunion, Stay Scared, Bad Times Crew, True Hearted, Spinebreaker, Drug Control, and Kid Armor. We're heading out to Western Canada again in August with Father's Lungs. 

7- Any funny thing that happened on tour, in a show?
I can't really recall too many really funny things from tour or shows. However, on our second west coast tour, Jaxon threw the microphone, I stopped playing a song and started moshing with my guitar, and other silly things like that have happened. We're all goofy weirdos, so everything is a little funny. One thing that still gets brought up from time to time, though, is on our west coast with Singled Out, we played Mario Party in the van and I won the coin lottery and went on this really long wrestling style rant about how no one else could possibly be capable of winning 100 coins. 

8- Can you tell us about witch bands influenced your sound?
Our influences have changed a lot since starting, but right now I'd say our biggest influences are Outspoken, Inside Out, Vision, Youth Of Today, Trial, Beyond, Burn, and 108. At least with what I write, anyway. 

9- How did you guys saw Straight Edge in this days? What this means for your life
I personally feel like straight edge isn't as integral a component to hardcore as it used to be, and I don't say this in a good or bad way. I just mean, it's not such a distinct thing. There's still straight edge bands and I feel like straight edge kids in hardcore take it more seriously (when it's for the right reasons), but it's just not as popular. Not as many straight edge kids or straight edge bands. I can't speak for everyone else, but straight edge is of a great importance to me. I claimed for spiritual reasons (I'm Buddhist) and it just seemed like the best commitment I could make for my life. 

10- Did any of the members play(ed) in other bands?
Jaxon briefly played drums in a local hardcore band, No Choice, Mat played guitar in Vacate, which became Sentient, Will played drums in Bad Influence and plays drums in Lo There Do I See My Brother, and I played bass in Vacate and Sentient. 

11- Why you think people lose interest on hardcore and broke the edge?
I think people sometimes just "grow out of" or get tired of hardcore. It stops being relevant to them and their reasons for being a part of it fade or change. Maybe the get tired of the people, or the music, or just make excuses. It's different for everyone, and the same can be said about people that break edge, but I think most often people just claim for the wrong reasons and it just stops being applicable to them. 

12- Do you guys know anything about Latin America hardcore bands?
I mostly just know about Remission and Dedication, but they're both outstanding and need to play here! Remission played here once, but I didn't know about them yet and missed out on the show. :( 

13- Plans to visit Central America?
No plans, but we'd really love to someday! 

14- Finally can you give us any words for the people who follow this blog and also provide band contact so people can follow you, thanks
Support your scene and international hardcore, start bands, play shows, book shows, start venues, go on tour, do it yourself! facebook.com/safexsound ,twitter.com/safexsoundhc , safexsound.bandcamp.com , safexsound@gmail.com

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