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Entrevista con Aram Arslanian

Logramos conseguir una entrevista con Aram Arslanian, para quienes no lo conocen el fue guitarrista de las bandas Straight Edge The First Step y Champion, y vocalista de la banda Betrayed, muy activo en el hardcore, straight edge y el veganismo. En el 2007 el visito centroamerica, especificamente el pais de Guatemala con la banda The First Step, el cual hasta la fecha a sido uno de los conciertos mas cruciales de la historia del hardcore centroamericano. En este entrevista nos cuenta un poco de como ingreso al mundo del punk/hardcore y sus futuros planes musicales junto a Jim Hesketh (ex compañero de banda en Champion) con su nuevo proyecto True X Identity.

1- How did you know about hardcore and Straight Edge? Remember your first show?
I found out about Hardcore from 7 Seconds, Minor Threat, and Bad Brains. My friend had an older brother who was into metal, but also liked some punk and HC, and we would borrow his records. I found out about Straight Edge from Minor Threat, Uniform Choice, and Youth of Today- I was pretty lucky to start to learn about the music and the message as the NYC youth crew era of bands as most of it was happening so we were able to mail order records. It was a great time to be a kid!

2- How was the hardcore scene in that time?
I grew up in Calgary Alberta which is in the middle of Canada and was fairly isolated. So, there wasn't much of a Hardcore scene locally, but there was a big skate rock/thrash scene in the mid to late 80's and that's what I got into initially. There was this great band called Beyond Possession that was a real trailblazer for Canadian punk/thrash/hardcore bands and they had a big impact on me.

3- Which bands influenced you?
The main ones are: 7 Seconds, Bad Brains, Minor Threat, SSD, Dag Nasty, Agnostic Front, Uniform Choice, Warzone, Youth Of Today, Judge, Sick Of It All, Gorilla Biscuits

4- What do you think its the difference between hardcore scene on the past and the actual one?
The internet and general accessibility of music. Its so easy to get music now and there are so many bands that I believe it causes people to take it all for granted.

5- What it means straight edge in your life?
A dedication to living my life by my own rules. I wont be a slave to any substance and I don't need the bar/club/or lounge scene to give me some sense of belonging. Working all week just so you can afford to get wasted all weekend is a fucking joke.

6- Why you think people lose interest on hardcore and broke the straight edge?
People change- it doesn't make them bad. I know lots of great people that aren't Straight Edge any more and I know a lot of people who are pricks and still are Straight Edge.

7- How can you describe Champion and The First Step last show? Any plans to return in the future?
Both were amazing! The Champion show was big- there were 2000 people there! we had friends from all over the world and it was this great sense of closure for all of us. The last TFS show was really fun and casual- it was almost like we were playing any other show and so I was a lot less nervous that i was at the last Champion show. No plans to reunite at this time. Everyone in both bands is still Straight Edge and almost all of us play in current Hardcore/Straight Edge bands- so, there's no overwhelming urge to reunite with our old bands since we're all still very active playing, touring, and recording. 

Demo 1999 / Come Out Swinging / Time Slips Away / Promises Kept / Count Our Numbers / Different Directions (Audio) 
Descarga: http://www.mediafire.com/download/zfh3n56ucsrur5s/Champion.rar

8- Betrayed is still playing? Any plans for a new record?
Betrayed plays on occasion. Todd is really busy with NAILS and being a father so those are his main focus. So, when the timing is right we play and I'm sure we'll record something again over the next few years. 

Suffering / Addiction / Substance 

9- Can you tell us your experience to play in Guatemala with The First Step
One of the most amazing experiences of my life! The promoters took such good care of us and put on two awesome shows! All the bands were outstanding and there was such a feeling of friendship and unity over those few days that I can't help but smile when I think of it! Beautiful country and beautiful people. 

The First Step 
Open Hearts and Clear Minds / What We Know / WWK Sessions 

10- Talk us about your new project with Jim, True x Identity, any record soon?

It's a Straight Edge and Vegetarian band and its also has members of Keep It Clear in it. The focus is sounding like YOT and writing lyrics of substance. We're recording a record in November and it should be out in early 2015.

11- How was the support on the debut show of True Identity? Where was it?
Amazing! People went nuts when we played and moshed the entire time! I can't describe how good it felt to share the stage with Jim again and we both we surprised and thankful for the very warm response we got.

12- Any plans to tour Central America in the future with True X Identity?
Yes! Central America and South America are the two areas that we want to go to first after our record comes out- we're hoping sometime in 2015. Spread the word!

13- Do you know anything about Latin America hardcore bands?
I do from REACT! I pay a lot of attention to up coming bands around the world and Latin America has some of the very best. Huge respect to Remission!!!

14- Can you tell us for new bands that you recommend
Caught In A Crowd, Column, Suspect, Ancient Heads, Clarity, Growing Stronger, Fury, War X Games

15- Finally can you give us any words for the people who follow this blog, thanks
Go vegan- most of us have grown up with the lie that animals are our food and that its a healthy and humane way to live. In truth- eating animals and consuming the products that come from them (including leather) is inhumane and destructive to our health and our world. By being vegan you make a significant difference everyday in lessening the suffering and horror in our world. Take a stand and be a voice of reason.

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